COVID 19 Preparedness Plan


In light of Governor Tom Wolf's recent directive, and because we have the best interests of our community to consider, the Chapel and all Chapel related activities are canceled through May 8th.

At that time the Board will reassess the need for cancellation based upon all available information. 

Observe the CDC guidelines and stay safe and healthy.  

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Welcome to Lancaster Metaphysical Chapel

God is Love and Love is God in Action

The Lancaster Metaphysical Chapel is an open and affirming church in all respects.

 We know that unconditional love opens hearts. An open heart is an open mind and an open mind is one that can practice connection, experience gratitude and feel the Divinity of Spirit within oneself and others. It is our belief that the Divine is present in all of us. 

As Metaphysicians, we never ask you to leave any part of your Self outside the doors. Although our worship services, speakers and topics may vary from week to week, our message is always one of an uplifting nature. We are all here together on earth to create, to continue with God’s creation.

We invite you to visit us. Blessings to you. 

Sunday Gathering

All Are Welcome

All Services are Online until further notice.

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What is a Metaphysician?

~ by Rev. Molly Cortright


  • Truth is in all spiritual paths. A Divine Metaphysician recognizes the spiritual truth that life is continuous and “death” is rebirth into a world of higher vibration.
  • The declaration and practice of these truths do not make Divine Metaphysics a creed because each individual is encouraged to worship God according to the dictates of his or her own conscience.

Some of what Divine Metaphysics basic principles are:

  • Individuals are morally responsible for themselves.
  • Man is a threefold being - body, soul and spirit.
  • Although in a physical body, man is just as much spirit now as he ever will be.
  • We reap as we sow and, life being continuous, we carry into the next world all positive and negative actions taken on the earth plane.
  • An understanding of God's Natural Universal Laws teaches an individual how to love, here and hereafter.
  • All men are brothers and God is their Father. Therefore, all men are divine as they possess the spark of God within them with the potentialities of God if they choose to develop them.
  • Heaven and hell are states of mental consciousness and not literal abodes.
  • Just as an engineer or architect might view the world as components and structures, an artist as color, design and texture, or a computer programmer as codes, a Divine Metaphysician sees the world as infinite expressions reflecting the ONE. Metaphysics teaches that which is God is not a separate entity out there somewhere but in all things, everywhere, always. It creates a world view of inclusion and unity.

About Lancaster Metaphysical Chapel

Presented by Molly Cortright, Senior Minister 

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Sunday Service Speakers/Homilists


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Sunday Service Speakers/Homilists

Sunday Service Speakers/Homilists

Sunday Service Speakers/Homilists


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Declaration of Principles

Declaration of Principles

Declaration of Principles


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What is a Metaphysician?

Declaration of Principles

Declaration of Principles


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